Developer Tools

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This quick post it’s to show you some useful utilities that i use in the daily basis. Keep in mind that this tools are related to iOS development, please contact me if you would like to add a tool or utility.

Code Pilot

Xcode plugin for better project navigation, once it’s installed just press CMD+SHIFT+X then start typing. Whatever you’re looking for, Code Pilot will find it.


Another Xcode plugin, if you enjoyed the Package Control for Sublime Text, then you’ll love Alcatraz, it’s an open-source package manager for Xcode. It lets you discover and install plugins, templates and color schemes without the need for manually cloning or copying files.

Sim Pholders

This app will allow you to quick launch an iOS applicaiton right from the menu bar, Sim Pholders it’s a small utility for fast access to your iPhone Simulator apps. Opens folder in Finder, resets library and documents, and deletes the selected app.

Simulator Launcher

If you want to share an app to another iOS developer, Simlaunch it’s the right call, Simulator Launcher builds custom executables to automatically launch an embedded iPhone Simulator application using the correct iPhone SDK.

iOS App Store Package Preview

ipaQL it’s a Quicklook Plugin for previewing application and provision information, really handy.


QuicklookJson it’s a useful quick look plugin to preview JSON files. It will render files with a colorful view, and will allow to expand or compress nodes in the JSON tree.