Metal Junk

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I’m so proud to anounce this project, Metal Junk a game for iOS available only for iPad2+, it uses Cocos2D as base framework & GBox2D on top off it. I learned a lot along the way, so many things about Cocos2D like custom scene transitions, gesture recognizers + CCNodes, ranking using Game Center and lots of other cool things!. But … what i liked most: The developing proccess, making a game from scratch it’s amazing, i really enjoyed all the steps for building it, from the begining of the idea til making it available on the app store, here a little overview of the game.


The mass production of smart robots cannot be stopped. If a failure is detected, the solution is simple: the flawed robot goes directly to the scrap-shredding belt.


Ascii, the robot, made the mistake of being different… and that is why he’ll have to avoid a series of dangers to keep from becoming molten metal: tons of trash will block his way, and surviving will become more and more difficult.

Help him escape: shake your iPad, pick up batteries and lasers, and turn on the light when it’s dark. Explosions will stain the screen, so be ready to clean it before Ascii is hit by large objects that will knock him out; if that happens, give him a good shake to wake him up.

Overcome all the challenges, share your results on social networks, and most of all, don’t let Ascii be destroyed!


SURVIVAL: Survive for as long as possible, while the difficulty increases.

FRENZY: Gain as many points as you can in just one minute. Gather the boxes and items to
improve your score.

Mighty Team

Game Art & Animation
Sebastian Mariscal - @sebastian_ml
Graphic Designer
Mario Sifuentes - @yesfonts
Game Level Editor
Pablo Mercado - @pablomercado.
VFX Artist
Roberto Licea - @LiceaRob.
Sound Designer
Caleb Guzman - @soundman80
Maru Valencia - @risas_risas
Game Developer
Raúl Uranga - @rauluranga

Here i want to thank to to all GrupoW crew for supporting us.

Thank you so much for making this dream possible.

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