Switched to Octopress

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as you already noticed i switched to Octopress! i’m so happy with this change, on the road i learned a little ruby and a whole new web tools, so switching from Wordpress to Octopress it’s not hard at all, my customizations to Octopress were the following:

  • to redirects my old posts to the new octopress format we use a nice tool called rack-rewrite so in my config.ru i have something like this:
use Rack::Rewrite do
r301 '/index.php/2012/01/start-blogging-with-octopress/', 'http://labs.grupow.com/blog/2012/01/30/start-blogging-with-octopress/'
  • added a side bar plug-in to list my categories with octopress-tagcloud.
  • for comments, i imported all my wordpress comments into disqus, also they have nice tools to migrate threads.
  • now i’m hosting this blog on heroku!
  • also we use the custom-domains plugin-in heroku.

special thanks to @homerosousa for help me out with this transition XD

Peace out.