iOS - Interacting With RESTful Web Services

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Some time ago i wrote a post talking about using ASIHTTPRequest but it looks like has been abandoned =( so, what options do we have???


From the people who make Gowalla. A general purpose HTTP lib, built on modern patterns, actively developed. AFNetworking has been gaining a lot of traction over the last few months, so it’s a good bet that it’s going to be around for a while.


A lightweight HTTP lib, actively developed. Also comes in an ARC-flavoured variety.


For applications that talk to REST-based services, lets you map remote objects and store them in CoreData. It sounds like this could replace a lot of code in the right circumstances.


Amazon S3 support has been one of the most popular ASIHTTPRequest features. These days Amazon offers their own SDK for iOS, providing access to S3, CloudFront, SimpleDB and other Amazon cloud services.


The highest-level API listed here. Provides a simple way to upload content to a variety of services, and a UI to make it super easy to drop into your projects.


From the people who make your cellphone. Built by smart people, lightweight, actively developed.…/Tasks/UsingNSURLConnection.html