jQuery EasyDragSlider

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Hi every one!! It’s been a while since our last post huh? Well this time i’m gonna show you how you can use EasyDrag and EasySlider jQuery Plugins to create a daggable strip menu, watch the final result here: The basic idea is to know what slider you’re using, and in which direction you’re dragging, once you know that, you can trigger the click action of the next or previous button of the slider being dragged, in this example i modified both plugins to accomplish those actions.

The mayor change it’s on EasySlider because instead of using ul and li now works with divs and spans,i also added the .slider-prevBtn and .slider-nextBtn CSS classes to the slider controls buttons; in the EasyDrag plugin the only change that i made was that now it only works on x-axis, and added two variables to know the drag direction. the code it’s really messy and it’s not optimized at all, so use it at your own risk!!

take a look to the source code at github.