Grupo W @ badFonts Group [ Flash CS4 Text Properties Issue ]

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Using the Flash CS4 i had a little problem… everytime i tried to use the text tool, either flash crashed after or before even putting the text box on stage.

Thinking it was a flash bug i google search it… i found this.

i read only a few top posts and found that the issue was the computer performance, but then David here at W has the same computer as me. After formatting my pc flash was running ok, so there, problem fixed!

BUT when i put all of my stuff back in, again flash was doing the same thing. After a few hairs pulled and desks banged, we discover that it was the fonts i installed in the pc the day before, and going back to the link i found , reading all of the posts, Raúl found that same solution posted there.

What did we learn from this?
1: you don’t need to install every font you find. 2: read a little more before taking actions with the first post you find XD so you don’t have to format your computer in vain. XD