JSFL Extensions

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Hi everyone!, well we want to share you all the JSFL Commands that we found on the web, these extensions have been very useful here at GrupoW our productivity increased like a 98% and the graphic designer team have blessed us =D so here they are!!

  • Add Stop Frames.jsfl
  • All Bitmaps Lossless Compression.jsfl
  • convertoToSymbol.jsfl
  • Create Invisible Button.jsfl
  • Distribute To Frames.jsfl
  • DontUseImportedCompression.jsfl
  • Find In Library.jsfl
  • Funciton Order Library.jsfl
  • Linkage equals to Name.jsfl
  • Multiple Library Linkage.jsfl
  • Multiple Library Renamer.jsfl
  • Multiple Library UnLinkage.jsfl
  • ResetTransPoints.jsfl
  • SetCompressionLevel.jsfl
  • Smooth All Bitmaps.jsfl
  • Unsmooth All Bitmaps.jsfl
  • UseImportedCompression.jsfl
  • UseLosslessCompression.jsfl

i think you don´t need an explanation in how to install it and how to use it, they are very self descriptive


use them wisely

if you know about other useful extensions don’t hesitate on posting them

GrupoW Developer Team